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EMI Shielded Laminates

Metal foils laminated to various non-conductive backings, can be die cut to shape or scored and formed into a three-dimensional shield. Laminates providing a cost-effective light weight EMI shield that eliminate the need for an Electrically conductive coating on the inside of the enclosure.

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Custom designed shielding laminates are manufactured with electrically conductive metal foils laminated to another substrate often a nonconductive material such as Melinex and other film dielectrics. The conductive media can be insulated across the whole surface or selective areas. This can then be made self-adhesive backed.

Bespoke Laminates can be produced quickly to suit custom applications and provide a more effective solution than a standard product. Die cutting to shape is a flexible process offering a cost-effective product with quick turn round times.

As laminates are custom designed please contact our sales department to discuss your requirements. We will need a drawing or specification giving overall dimensions, type of material configurations, quantity, tolerances, packaging and any special requirements.

A unique range of laminated shields applying selective die cutting techniques for cost effective solutions to a variety of shielding problems. Available in a wide range of materials and thicknesses.

Shielding laminates commonly provide a removable RFI / EMI shield in PCB housings, key boards, touch panel shields and for isolating components in electronic enclosures.

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