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Electrically Conductive Elastomer Form in Place

Electrically conductive or non-conductive silicone elastomer compounds are deposited as a gasket directly to the enclosure by XYZ CNC technology. These gaskets can be very intricate small sections suitable for enclosures with no space for a traditional gasket such as thin walled multi compartment housings providing an EMI and environmental seal.

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Kemtron Form-in-Place FIP Gaskets are elastomer compounds directly dispensed onto component hardware or enclosure via a pressurised fluid dispensing system on a numerically controlled XYZ table to form a gasket for RFI/EMI shielding and/or environmental seal for dust and moisture. The dispensing machine deposits the gasket by following a pre-determined CNC path to provide accuracy and repeatability. We work with supplied free issue components. If CAD files can be supplied this will speed up the programming time and reduce lead time from receipt of completed goods. Non-contact measuring equipment is used to confirm the gasket size and shape.

  • Nickel Coated Graphite in silicone
  • Silver Plated Aluminium in silicone
  • Silver Plated Copper in silicone
  • Silver plated Nickel in silicone
  • Non-conductive silicone

Suited to applications where small, intricate EMI gasket profiles are required, such as on multi-compartment labyrinth housings with minimum gasket land area where traditional larger types of gasket are not suitable. This process also negates the assembly costs associated with traditional gaskets as the Form-in-Place gasket becomes an integral part of the housing or enclosure. The process is suitable for depositing on both metal and metallised plastic components/housing.

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