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Wire Knitting

Kemtron has an extensive knitted wire mesh manufacturing facility.

Kemtron has an extensive knitted wire mesh manufacturing facility. The knitted wire mesh is manufactured on a circular wire knitting machine using a single or double wire. The mono-filament interlocking-loop construction gives strength while allowing it to conform to almost any size or shape. The manufacturing process allows for an optional elastomer core to be included in to the product to aid compression. An additional environmental seal/carrier is also an option. It is available in a variety of combinations to suit many EMC and environmental sealing applications. Wire types are tin plated copper clad steel known as TCS, Monel which is an alloy of copper and nickel, Aluminium and stainless steel. Solid knitted wire meshes are supplied as round cord sections, rectangular and dumbbell sections. Knitted wire mesh over elastomeric cores can be other shapes such as D shape, tubes, clip on profiles and more.

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