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Gasket Fabrication

Kemtron fabricate EMI gaskets to customer’s designs.

Kemtron fabricate EMI gaskets to customer’s designs. The reason for fabrication is twofold.

  1. Electrically conductive elastomeric (ECE) gasket materials are expensive in comparison to ordinary elastomers therefore cost savings can be made by fabrication as this eliminates waste material. Kemtron fabricate electrically conductive silicone elastomers with either an RTV (room temperature vulcanising) silicone compound where electrical conductivity is only required in the Y axis. This is suitable for materials such as vertically oriented wire in silicone. Full heat cure vulcanisation using our electrically conductive jointing compound is used on electrically conductive elastomer silicones and fluorosiliscones that are conductive in all planes such as ECE extrusions that are made into O-Rings.
  2. Electrically conductive gasket strip such as knitted wire mesh, electrically conductive fabric over foam or conductive elastomers can be bonded to a non-conductive cut to shape rubber gasket that provides a separate environmental seal which can be tailored to meet chemical or harsh environmental conditions. These types of gaskets can be self-adhesive backed to aid assembly of the gasket to the enclosure or component. Compression stops or collars can also be fitted to protect the gasket from over compression which will cause damage to the gasket.

Please ask about our fabricated gasket options that can provide complex gasket solutions for optimised cost.

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