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Elastomer Moulding

Kemtron compression moulds electrically conductive silicones and fluorosilicones.

Kemtron compression moulds electrically conductive silicones and fluorosilicones. The process uses heat and pressure where an uncured preformed shape and of specific weight of electrically conductive elastomer is placed into the mould tool. The tool is compressed between heated platens of the press for a given time where the vulcanisation process takes place curing the rubber. At the end of the cycle time the parts are removed from the mould tool to cool down. To finalise the curing process the parts are then post cured at elevated temperatures for a given amount of time. This post curing maximises the materials physical characteristics and drives off any remaining volatiles and curing agent by-products.

Kemtron moulds electrically conductive sheet up to 500mm square for flat gasket applications, small solid section O-Rings and custom shapes.

We have press capacity up to 250 tonnes enabling us to mould our oriented wire in silicone blocks which are up to 225mm X 225mm x 1000mm.

Kemtron produces many of its mould tools in house by our experienced tool makers which gives us the flexibility to offer fast turnaround times on custom mouldings. Most mould tools we make are flash-less enabling us to optimise material and eliminate extra labour and processing associated with traditional tooling.

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