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Elastomer Cored Knitted Wire Mesh

Knitted wire mesh over an elastomer core gasket provides a cost-effective solution to high shielding performance applications in the magnetic and electrical fields RFI / EMI and including EMP.

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Knitted wire mesh over an elastomer core such as neoprene, silicone or EPDM cellular profile or tube gives a soft easily compressible and flexible gasket. Manufactured on a circular wire knitting machine using a single or double wire. The mono-filament interlocking-loop construction gives strength while allowing it to conform to almost any size or shape of gasket strip. Usually this consists of 2 layers of knitting over the elastomer core, small sections 1.5mm diameter requiring only 1 layer. The knitted mesh is then formed into the selected profile making a continuous gasket strip which is flexible and compressible, which makes an excellent RFI / EMI / EMP gasket.

Kemtron knit in 4 wire materials, available In continuous lengths, cut to length or fabricated into finished gaskets by spot welding and stitching to suit customer requirements. A variety of profiles and sizes are available. Gaskets can be fabricated to shape to meet requirements.

In addition to making an excellent EMI/RFI/EMP shield between two metallic surfaces the choice of wire mesh material available also allows for a good galvanic match with mating flanges, thereby limiting the possibility of corrosion between gasket and flange. Further, the elastomer core of the gasket allows it to be compressed using low to medium force conforming to uneven surfaces and recovering well upon opening.

Where EMP (electromagnetic pulse) protection is needed, a minimum of 7 layers is recommended. Additional layers can also be added depending on the application of the equipment and degree of shielding required.

  • Monel
  • Tin Plated copper Clad Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless Steel
  • RFI / EMI / EMP applications
  • Panel seals in screened rooms
  • Areas with frequent access
  • Groove gaskets such as O-Rings
  • EMI cabinet door seals
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