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EMP Ventilation Panels

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Honeycomb Ventilation Panels are designed for high performance applications, where high EMI shielding in both electric E field and magnetic H field is required.

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EMP Ventilation panels are designed for use in electronic enclosures where good air flow is required for cooling and ventilation but where EMC compliance must be ensured.

EMP Honeycomb vent Panels consist of the formed honeycomb metal foil soldered into a rigid fabricated mounting frame. The foil is formed and laminated into a series of honeycomb cells that are welded at the join, this ensures a conductive path at throughout.

The frame can be supplied with an integral or separate EMI / RFI gasket and can be treated with a variety of finishes such as tin or nickel plating to provide corrosion protection or improve conductivity and EMP protection.

EMP ventilation panels are designed to meet a minimum of 62db at 10KHz magnetic field.

All EMP vents are custom and made to order.

  • Tin plated steel
  • Nickel plated steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass honeycomb
  • Screened Rooms
  • Military Air Conditioning Units
  • High performance Communication shelters
  • EMP installations
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