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EMI Shielded Cable Glands

Kemtron’s cable glands provide an excellent EMI shield for screened cables which pass through enclosure walls. Made from brass they are available to suit cables from 1.5mm diameter up to 16mm. They also provide traditional strain relief for the cable.

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The EMC cable glands are manufactured in brass and consist of 4 parts. The body, cap, locknut and the mesh olive. The Cable Entry System Gland uses a wire mesh olive, which consists of knitted wire mesh over a silicone core which when compressed by the cap being tightened to the body provides circumferential pressure to both the cable and gland body, giving excellent electrical conductivity between the two. Thus ensuring good radio frequency and electromagnetic shielding.

Manufactured in a range of sizes to accommodate cables with a diameter over the screen from 2mm up to 16mm. If you require something slightly different or with a plated finish we are able to accommodate requests subject to minimum quantities.

The Cable Entry Gland provides an excellent EMP/RFI/EMI shield for screened cable which pass through enclosure walls.

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