EMI Shielded Windows

EMI shielded windows for display devices or inspection panels providing optimum transparency and EMI shielding.

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Screening or electromagnetic shielding of optical windows is achieved by using either: very fine woven wire mesh trapped between or embedded in a clear optical substrate such as acrylic, polycarbonate or glass, or a transparent vapour deposited conductive coating such as Indium Tin Oxide applied to the surface of the clear optical substrate.

Termination of the EMI Shield windows to the enclosures is achieved with a continuous low resistance conductive edge around the window, either a conductive buss bar and conductive gasket, or extended wire mesh.

EMI shielded windows are made to customer specification. Sizes can range from 1cm² up to 1×2 metres for architectural use. Windows can be silk screened or printed with logos, information etc. Termination can be by mechanical clamping using a conductive gasket or by bonding into the enclosure with a conductive adhesive.

EMI shielded windows provide an EMI screen as part of a shielded enclosure which will provide protection against radiated emissions and susceptibility. Shielded windows provide good transparency for viewing display devices and they can also form the front panel of an enclosure to provide impact protection, contrast enhancement of displays, display colour matching, anti-reflection and an anti-glare surfaces. Large windows can provide transparent EMI shielding for architectural use such as computer rooms, shielded rooms, MRI rooms and secure communication cabins.

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