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EMI Connector Gaskets

Kemtron has tooling for a wide range of standard MIL connector gaskets. Different materials are available to meet the demands of EMI shielding, environmental sealing, galvanic compatibility and fuel / oil resistance.

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Kemtron manufacture a range of connector gaskets to suit many standard size connectors which require an EMI shield with optional environmental seal. The choice of material is large and connector gaskets are available from virtually all of the materials manufactured by Kemtron. In materials over 1.6mm thick compression stops can be fitted to the gasket to protect the gasket being over compressed. The compression stop also ensures additional electrical bonding between the surfaces with a very low contact resistance. Standard size stops and collars in standard materials are available, other sizes and materials are available on request. Custom connector gaskets are also available through inexpensive tooling.

Connector gaskets to meet standard sizes, MIL-C-81511, MIL-C-5015, MIL-C-38999 and common sub D connector gaskets. Available in all flat sheet material.

Low contact resistance seal between connector and enclosure, many materials are available to meet most conditions

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