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Conductive Fabric over Foam Gaskets

Highly conductive nickel/copper or silver-plated polyester or nylon fabric over an open celled urethane core. Many profiles are available including rectangular, D shape and low compression/deflection C shape seals, half wrap and fabricated gaskets.

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This product is manufactured from a synthetic polyester or nylon yarn which is plated to give electrical conductivity over the surface of the fibre and then woven in a traditional way so as to produce a conductive cloth. The cloth is then slit and wrapped over a soft polyether polyurethane foam core in a range of profiles and results in an economically priced conformable conductive gasket strip suitable for many applications. These provide an excellent EMI gasket with low compression set and excellent abrasion resistance for high cycling and wiping applications. Most meet UL94V-0 and are available as strips, cut to length or die cut. Half wrap and fabricated gaskets to custom design are available over neoprene and EPDM rubber carriers.


Profiles are available up to 2100mm lengths with some obtainable in continuous length. Depending on the profile the product can be.

  • Cut to length.
  • Die cut to form fabricated gaskets.
  • Notched for 90 degree fabrication.
  • Mitred.
  • Supplied with clip on and edge mounting or with self-adhesive backing.
  • Have fire resistant properties to UL94VO.
  • Compression between 10% and 70%.

The versatility of Conductive Fabric Over Foam and the huge variety of profiles available makes the product suitable for a wide range of applications where full EMC screening is required between component parts especially in high cycling and wiping applications and where low compression and excellent abrasion resistance are considerations. Typical applications include:

  • Cabinet doors.
  • Panel gaskets.
  • Grounding contacts.
  • Card cage gaskets.
  • Connector and IO gaskets
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