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Conductive Adhesive Tapes

Electrically conductive tape is available in copper, tinned copper or aluminium, an electrically conductive adhesive is applied to the foil. This is then either self-wound or has a separate release liner applied. This is then slit to standard or custom widths.

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Copper and tinned copper tape is 35µ thick and aluminium 40µ thick. Tinned copper prevents oxidation of the copper and should be used in applications where contact to the tape surface is required. Tinned copper tape with a protective liner is available for bake and peel painting applications such as electrically conductive contact of EMI cabinet door gaskets. Conductive tape shapes can die cut and supplied loose or for easier application supplied on a roll.

Normally supplied in 33 metre rolls, in standard widths of 13mm & 25mm. However, any width from 8mm up to 300mm, and 50 metre rolls can be supplied to special order. We can also supply with non-conductive adhesive or without adhesive if required, to special order. Tapes can be supplied in two versions – Self Wound, without a release liner, or with a paper release liner.

  • Aluminium Tape with conductive adhesive
  • Copper Tape with non-conductive adhesive
  • Copper Tape with conductive adhesive
  • Copper Tape with conductive adhesive both sides
  • Tin-clad Copper Tape with non-conductive adhesive
  • Tin-clad Copper Tape with conductive adhesive
  • Temporary sealing of gaps for EMC testing
  • PCB shields
  • Cable shields
  • Shielded room seams
  • Die cut shapes
  • Grounding
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