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Cable Shielding Jackets

Zip on type tubing with internal EMI / RFI shielding liner for shielding of bundled cables. Easy to open and close allowing cables to be added or removed. Tubing is available in many diameters and is suitable for static or flexible applications. Flame retardant and low smoke/low toxicity versions are also available.

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Kemzip is a cable screening product and shielding solution designed to be wrapped around cables requiring EMI/EMC protection. It is especially suitable for retrofitting to products already in production that are suffering from RFI radiation or conducted emission susceptibility problems. UV, ozone and weather resistant, self-extinguishing materials operating over a minimum temperature range of -30°C to +105°C. Kemzip is available in many variants, contact us to discuss your specific application.

Available in 50 metre lengths with various closing systems including press fit, Zip closure and Z track requiring a closure tool. The shielding medium can be knitted wire mesh, aluminium foil or electrically conductive fabric.

Light weight EMI shielding designed especially for applications where high flexibility is required. Replaces heavy metal shielded trunking. Can be opened and closed to enable cables to be removed or added.

  • Long cable runs
  • Automotive, bus and truck
  • Railway rolling stock
  • Ships
  • Robot arms
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