Ferrites for EMI Suppression

Kemtron stock a wide range of Ferrites for EMI suppression. Clip on cable cores suitable for retrofitting, cable cores for round and ribbon cables, common mode chokes. Most are available from stock or on short lead times.

Download Datasheet

Nickel zinc ferrite parts are used extensively in the suppression of electromagnetic interference commonly known as EMI. Ferrite materials exhibit magnetic properties which are dependent on the frequency at which they are excited. In electronic applications the relation of the magnetic loss to frequency is utilized to attenuate interference frequencies where the material’s losses are high, yet pass the lower bands where data is carried.

Our warehouse facility has a large range of cable and surface mount products which are generally available for same day dispatch. Non stocked parts can also be obtained in a few working days.

For full product specifications take a look at our datasheet, available to view online in your browser or download depending on your device.

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